Hasling Audio Product Philosophy


During the past 15 years, I have been using a tube RIAA preamplifier.  This amplifier has been updated over the years in different ways. I am very pleased with the achieved results, and this knowledge I will put to use in my new products.

The first new product is a single ended 300B SE amplifier, that contains the best from tube technology, with the best from transistor technology, field effect transistors,  to optimize the interplay between these two worlds,  with no negative feed back loop in the designs. 

My goal has been to reduce distortion to a minimum, compared to known general values for present day pure tube single ended amplifiers. At the same time I wanted a natural, uncolored, soft sound, precise and detailed. This has been achieved with the above combination.

 Furthermore will circuits increasing lifetime of both passive and active components be part of the amplifiers.


Per Hasling,  March 2006