Paper in Oil capacitors for passive cross overs.

In connection with tests on my VOT (Voice Of the Theatre) speakersystems, where I had made new 12dB/octave 500Hz, 7000Hz cross over passive filter systems, I discovered a new sound from my well known system.

I had placed paper in oil capacitors in the midrange and high end sections of the filters, and this made a new soft and detailed sound, as well as a a better perspective in depth.

The difficult violins harmonics changed to a more fine detailed sound, as well as the harmonica, where overtones is much like the violins.  World soprano Maria Callas was now wonderful.  The music was so much lighter and easier to listen to.

Passive cross overs are a little overlooked by many music lovers, considering the precision of the components in the filters.   If the filter calculations are correct, it is annoying to have a music experience inferior to what the amplifiers can deliver.

I will be able to deliver paper in oil capacitors to specific customer values shortly, plus/minus 1,2% on the capacitance.  The Capacitors have military specifications, can withstand frost and extreme heat.  The caps are encapsulated in metal, circular and rectangular, with hermetically sealed glass lead outs. Temperature range –50 deg. C to +80 deg. C.

The caps have a very low temperature coefficient.  At a temperature raise of 30 degree Celsius over surroundings, capacitance change is less than 0,4%.  This is important if you stress the component in a hot tube amplifier, where these capacitors are excellent as a coupling capacitor between two stages.  These capacitors are really high-end quality caps, it will be difficult to find any better.

Expected delivery in 2 weeks.   For price examples (your capacitor values) contact me..

Per Hasling,  10 April 2008

Stocklist for PIO capacitors as of  8th June 2008

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