ILS 2000

The computer controlable light dimmer ILS 2000 ( Intelligent Light System ) was designed in 1988, and was the first light dimmer in Europe with inverted technology with MOS POWER FETS, instead of the normal triac power components.
This technology had many advantages over the triac dimmers, no acoustical noise at all
(the silent dimmer) , soft start, giving extremely long lifetime to the lightsources with normal filament bulbs, both low voltage halogen as well as ordinary 110 / 220 V bulbs.
A quite new field of operation was the ability to dim
Metal Halide lamps with their standard ballasts, which is not possible with triac dimmers because of their technology.
This created a big interest among
seawater aquarium enthusiasts and especially from Germany many systems with dedicated software specially made for this purpose were ordered. Software was developed also in 1988, and 6 companies in Denmark is running today, the biggest system a 24 channel system with 32 pcs. 2,5 Kw in a great furniture store, controlling the light, night and day, plus week-ends since the installation in 1988, with huge cost savings every year.
ILS 2000 has been produced in app. 2000 pcs. from 1988 to 2003.
The units are operating in 12 countries, primary in Europe but also in Singapore.
Capacity was primary 2,5 Kw, but a 3,9 Kw version was also delivered.
The dimmers are no longer in production because of audio interest in stead.
Service is of course still maintained by Hasling Audio Systems.