Company start in 1971: Production of 2 x 50 w integrated transistor amplifier
Musician products: Bass amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, mixer consoles,
horn speaker cabinets
HI – FI products since 1978: 2 x 180 w transistor amplifiers in 19” cabinets and
moving coil prepreamplifiers (head amps.).
1988: ILS 2000 ( Intelligent Light System) light dimmers, 2,4 Kw and
3,9 Kw mosfet with inverted technology and accessories.
2004: 2 x 45 w class A power mosfet (FET) amplifiers, 2 x mono
New generation moving coil (head amp.) mk.3, field effekt transistors (FET), battery operated (back up batteries), with constant current charger.
Large midrange horn, solid wood, HO220, effectively operating from 280 Hz to 3,5 Khz.