HASLING AUDIO SYSTEMS has developed a brand new line of solid copper terminals for speaker cables. The ring terminals are gold plated and will be crimped onto the cables without soldering, thus minimizing any other alloys in the signal ways.

The new speaker terminals are made of 99,9% pure copper. To avoid any oxidation on the surface, they are coated with 24 carat pure gold.
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There are no magnetic alloys such as nickel in the material composition, only copper and gold.
The terminals are crimped onto to the cable, not soldered. The physical connection to the ring terminals are made with nuts on each side of the rings. The size of the nuts are designed to achieve optimal physical connection to the ring area.

For a standard connection to the cable, the rings can transfer up to 22 amps via one ring terminal 4 copper cable, 3 rings can be connected on top of one another, to be able to deliver 66 Amps continuosly, for other purposes for other branches. On the inside as well as on the outside of the
cabinet backplate.

Impedance feed through input and output of the terminal, is in the order of 8-15 MICRO Ohms, among the lowest in the world. It is important that the impedance in this transfer range is linear, and as small as possible. Otherwise it will contribute to increasing cable distortion, and eventually listening distortion. This will be dealt with in a later article.

The material of the rings are also 99,9 % pure copper, also coated with 24 carat pure gold.
No magnetic components at all.

In connection with my newly designed passive x-over filters, it has turned out that the Isolation of the currents to a 3 way filter, frequency range 20-500 Hz, 500-5000 Hz, and 5000 Hz and upwards, have shown that the copper cables have very different cable distortion, depending on the cable construction. Very interesting and quite surprising.
Not to mention the mixing of copper and aluminium in some newly marketed speaker cable constructions. Very sad.

Design protected throughout Europe, for 5 years renewable, by Awapatent in Copenhagen.
Design protection pending for in China. Awapatent has partners in China.
Violators will be prosecuted.

Per Hasling
2016 March 02.



25Watt Class A Amp.
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