Technical specifications for
hasling dedication
class A power amplifier
Dimensions :
Materials :
Weight :

Mechanical :
255 mm high, 482 mm wide, 570 mm deep (including handles front and back )
Aluminium, copper, silver and gold.
35 kg, 5 kg of which is copper.

2 mono amplifiers, galvanically separated, each with a key power-on switch, ontop of the rear panel.
The amplifiers are physically separated from one another by a panel in the middle of the cabinet.
Goldplated plugs and silver wiring are used.
Input amplifiers and the power output sections are discretely silver wired.
Option switch for chassis / signal ground connection / disconnection, or floating Amplifiers
(galvanically disconnected from the cabinet), for grounding elsewhere in the audio chain.
Output power :

T.H.D. :
Frequency response:
Signal path :
Min. 40 W in 8 Ohm, 100 % class A all the way, soft clipping 45 W+.

Max 0,5 % at 40 W, mainly 3 rd. harmonic.
DC - 20 KHz, - 0,05 dB.
DC from input to output, which means: no capacitors in the signal path. No negative feed back, true differential input amplifier. All amplifying elements are Field Effect Transistors, output sections are power mos. No servo circuits. Outputs are short circuit proof without any electronic protection circuits.
Input impedance :
Input capacity :
Output impedance :
DC on output:
Sensitivity :
Transformers :
Power supp. capacity:
Stability :
Cooling :
Price :

Single 100 K Ohm, truly balanced 100 K Ohm. Switch for chosen mode.
20 pF
0,3 Ohm
Max. 40 mV
900 mV RMS single, 900 mV balanced.
300 w toroidal / channel
300.000 µF RIFA / channel
Very high at both inductive / capacitive load.
Normal convection.
5.400,-- euro, 6.200,-- $, 3.890,-- £ = 40.000,-- dkr, excl. packaging and transport.

The high input impedance has been choosen for the best interfacing to the tube pre-amplifiers on the market. At the same time the dedication class A amp. can easily be driven directly from a tube RIAA output, with volume control values up to 50 K Ohm, without the use of line amplifiers. The very low input capacity allows signal cable lenght with 50 K Ohm attennuators, up to a couple of meters, with exellent results, the double lenght with 25 K Ohm attennuators.

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
This sheet (rev. 5 of 22nd, July 2003) replaces previous.