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The new midrange horn is an Altec Multicell 805B in a new designed cabinet (copyright) in 18 mm plywood.
The horn is totally damped for mechanical resonances and very heavy.

The new driver is an Altec 288C, the crossover frequencies are 500 Hz – 4000 Hz 12 dB/octave.
The horizontal spreading is the best I have ever heard.  The vertical spreading is fine too.
It is remarkably natural and precise.

Per Hasling.

Altec Lansing speakers are famous worldwide, the company was started in the mid 40's by James Bullock Lansing (JBL). His VOTT (Voice of the Theatre) horn systems, and further development of his 15 inch bass drivers and high frequency compression drivers during the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's, are well known all over the world, and still in use today. In 1999 Electrovoice bought the Altec Division from Harman, who owns JBL again today, and shut Altec down.
Speaker models like Altec 416A 16 ohm, alnico magnet, 3 inch voice coil, cone resonance 23 - 25 Hz, green, was a very successful speaker and was in production from approx. 1964 - 1980 with B and C versions, changing colour and power handling.
Apart from the 515 model (1945 - 1955) and the 515B model ( in production from 1955 to approx. 1970), the Altec 803A was in production from 1947 to 1958. This version was developed further to 803B, with a new cone surround giving better deep bass reproduction. The 803B version was in production from 1958 to 1964, 30w power handling. The latest versions had improved cast frame, and the 416A version took over in  1964, 30w. The 416A version has a magnet cover, and the exact same speaker, but without the magnet cover is called the 416-Z versions.  This model was always used in the small VOTT cabinets, where you couldn´t see the speaker.  Most of the production in these years were 16 ohm versions, so the 8 ohm versions are rare, and hard to find today. Sensitivity is around 
99dB/1w/1m.  Perfect for tube amplifiers.
The Altec bass speakers I have will be sold in pairs, and with the speakers I will deliver a
test certificate, stating the condition of the cone, cone surround, spider, coil ohmic value,  cone resonance, and physical appearance.  And of course  original Altec datasheet.

Per Hasling, January 2008
Here you can see photos of the pairs. Pairs will be numbered.
What you see here is photos from 5 units.  for prices.

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Previous Altec customers, 63 Altec bass drivers sold
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Porting area and impedance curve of Per's A7 VOTT Altec 416-8B driver.
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Cleaning of Surround on Altec Bass Drivers
Pictures of Altec 511 Horn and 416-8A Bass Drivers
Altec 515B model, top of Altec Bass Driver Line
Altec 416-8B Bass Driver 75w 16"
Impedance measurements in VOTT bass cabinet
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