Class A Poweramplifier

hasling dedication

Class A power amplifier, dual mono amps with 2 key
power-on switches in a common cabinet.
Power consumption from the mains is 2 x 225 w.
Grinded black anodised aluminium cabinet.
Weight 35 kg, dimensions: h x w x d: 255 x 482 x 570mm. The design is balanced differential from
input to outputs = dual power outputs / channel.
DC coupling technique from input to output eliminate kondensers in the signal path.
Single or balanced input mode, selected by a switch,and constant current outputs.
The amplifier does not roll off in the audio band from DCto 20 Kc/s, and is short circuit proof without any electronic circuits. All transistors are FET´s.


Pris: 40,000.-- dkr / 5,400.-- euro

Moving Coil Pick-Up Amplifier:

hasling head amp mk3

+12 V/-6 V battery supply, sealed rechargeable lead batteries + charger with 3 LED indication of voltage condition. Fully charged the amp can run around the clock for one month.

Gain :  30 x
Z in:  Selectable between  5 – 100 Ohm
Frequency response:  20 Hz – 20 KHz   +/-  0,02 dB
2 Hz   -0,5 dB
5 Hz  -0,1 dB
60 KHz  -0,1 dB
190 KHz  -0,5 dB
Load:  47 K Ohm/100pF
THD 1000 Hz 0,5 mV rms: less than 0,04 %
Phase out:  Inverting
NO negative feed-back
Transistors:  FET´s 

7 Spectral Analysis Sheets with steps of 6 dB input levels at 1000 Hz, shows the harmonic content (THD) over a span of 42 dB input, and how many dB the harmonics are below the testfrequency level, over a span of 42 dB input level, as well as SNR (signal/noise/ratio).   In this measurement harmonic distortion is also shown, as it should be, but very seldom (or never) is in manufacturers specs.
The testsignal 1000 Hz sine THD purity is   0,0001 %

Download spectral analysis sheets here.

Price:  6900,-- DKr          920,-- Euro


hasling HO 220® reg. trademark.

Large massive wood midrangehorn with lowest operation
from 280 c/s, upper app. 3,5 – 4,0 kc/s, depending on
driver used.
Compression driver is a Selenium 400 or equivalent,
With 50mm throat.
Selenium 400 has 100mm diaphragm.

Specifications and prices to follow.