Capa 25

A new  power amplifier has seen the light of day.  This is a True Class A transistor output power amplifier, complimentary driven from positive and negative power supply.  It has 2 toroidal  mains transformers, and a huge capacity bank,  540.000 uF in both positive and negative supply, for a total of 1.08 Farad, and is DC coupled from input to output. 

Output power in 8 Ohms are  2 x 25 W plus.  All inputs/outputs are on the backside of the amp, with input attenuator potentiometer, with the highest available quality, and matched within 1 % tolerance. The pots can also be used as balance control, as well as sensitivity control.

Mains power is switched on with a key switch, the key can be removed in both operating and off position if wanted.  230 V power on is indicated in the top of my registered logo and trade mark - the Hourglass.

The amplifier pilot production series of 6 amps will deliver 30W plus on both channels in 8 Ohms load.
The prototype now has got newly developed sensors mounted on the cooling fins in each side to provide feed back information about the temperature of the fins to the amplifier input module filter supplies, for safe, stable control of the amps output current.  This will maintain a temperature of max. 53 degrees Celcius +/- 2 degrees, for a very safe operational point of the triple output transistor pairs conservatively rated class A currents.
The pilot series will of course have the same modifications. 

The CAPA amp has high constant security factor. It handles 4 and 6 dB overdrive (2 V rms sine on input)  and keeps running even heavily distorted, but runs on until turned down in volume. The amp maintains full safety and stability.  It also has settings for soft rounding and very soft clipping, for the top and bottom of the sine, for more max. output power, still sounding good in lower ranges. The increased distortion here does not affect the lower range. These levels are set with the input potentiometers.
The amp is also safeguarded against direct shorting of the outputs, and will not be harmed in any way.
Remove the shorting, and there will be output again. The amp can handle constant shorting.

More information, prices and technical data will be available soon including spectral analysis .  Weight is 15,2 kg.

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