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Damping of Altec 511 horn PART 3.
See part 1 here part 2

Start with removing the paint with the paint remover. If you are using the cement/beach sand mix, you don´t have to glue the screws in the threads. Remember the mix must not have floating water on the top, better to be a little on the dry side, it will be easier to level the mix to a fine surface. So be carefull with the mixing. Only apply small amounts of water while blending, to the right consistency. If it anyway gets too wet, add very small portions of cement to get it right. Blend with the bucket hand tool in a not to big bucket.
See 9 pics below. Make the surface nice with the tools like the description in part 2, the 811 horn.
Do not remove the side panels until after 12 hours of hardening.
Also remember to clean the tools in water with a brush immediately after use.
7 pics of my plywood cabinets for the 511B horn/driver HERE.

Good luck with the job. Per Hasling.